Crawl Box for the Yamaha YXZ1000R/SS

Crawl Box

The Crawl Box for the Yamaha YXZ will allow you to have a true Dual Sport YXZ. Once the Crawl Box is installed you will have the ability to go places you have never taken a SXS before.

With our Crawl Box installed on your YXZ, You will have 5 gears in High Range (1:1) just like your machine has currently, BUT with a flip of the switch you will now have 5 Gears in LOW Range (3:1) which is the deepest crawl ratio of any SXS on the market. (works in 2WD/ 4WD/ 4WD LOCK)

This will allow you to tackle rough terrain, wooded trails, rock gardens, as well as the steepest trails possible with full control.

Stock, Turbo, any transmission ratio, most clutch mods, all years, all models, SS or 3 Peddle. we got you covered, Every YXZ will benefit from a Crawl Box

*Kit comes with Crawl Box, airshift actuator, mid drive shaft, flywheel coupler, all required mounting hardware and seals. NOTE*  OEM clutch cover gasket or aftermarket one required for installation....

******Tubeworks Alternator has been Discontinued, so we will no longer offer our clutch plate cover for this product.   if you have one of their older versions and have ordered a Crawl Box please contact me directly to discuss options

*Built in Partnership with the legendary Weismann /Traction Products & Schneider Motorsports

 Approved Fluid is Redline Heavy ShockProof Gear Oil  (250 ml)

Starting at $5325.00 (including ACS System)

*For now each production run will be limited to 35 units, If your order is received after the cut off you will be automatically in the next production run (production run will be approx. 90-120 days)

**Plus Freight , or Local Pick Up

**Installation also available at additional Charge

**for SS model you will require an additional dual map GSC module. ($400)

**NEEDED for installation completion, vent breather recovery tank w/fittings, , Redline Heavy ShockProof gear oil, High temp red grease (for mid shaft splines) on/off switch if using electric Valve

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ACS System

ACS Includes Air Compressor, 10' Of 1/4" airline, 6 Fittings, Pressure Switch, TEE Fitting, Leader Hose, Electric OR Manual Switch
Switch Electric (TOP)   Manual (Bottom)