Crawl Box

Specs and Information

  • Fluid Capacity= 250-300ml filled through the vent fitting.  drain on bottom back of gear case

  • Fluid type= Red Line Heavy Shockproof Gear Oil (Full Synthetic) (250ml) (image below)

  • Bolt Torque setting= use specifications found in your OEM service manual

  • Service fluid interval= recommended fluid change 500-1000 miles

  • Venting= vent catch can or vent on top of line. fitting -6an fitting or push on with hose clamp.  Vent line needs to run upwards from vent location as to not create a fluid trap in the line.  any fluid in the line needs to be able to drain back into gear box freely (Catch can image below for reference)

  • (ACS) Air Control System which includes air compressor, air lines, fittings, one way valve, pressure switch and either manual or electric 2-way control valve to allow switching between ranges

  • YXZ 1000SS= Requires GSC module sold by tube Works with Dual Map

  • Ground trigger= on the back of the gear box there is a fitting that once in low range it will ground out. Used for GSC module as well as Low Range Light

  • Shifting= Come to a stop at idle (gear position doesn't matter) and switch between H or L Range. you will hear a loud clunking as the Dogs align, remember the driveline is spinning 1500+ rpm so the gears have to catch up, so the noise is normal. you will get used to it...

  • High/Low Range= High 1:1 ratio / Low 3:1 Ratio.   Giving the YXZ 10 Usable Gears

  • NEW Generation Dog Gears for high powered applications and allowing dogs to pull themselves together in High Range vs walk apart. handle more power.


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